beer of the day

crieux, allagash brewery

its bourbon barrel aged trippel! that means its a beer brewed in Jim Bean whiskey casks… yes, please, and thank you.


have a lot of time to waste?

play first person tetris

p.s.- try the different settings

indonesian punks

“Police in Indonesia’s most conservative province raided a punk-rock concert and detained 65 fans, buzzing off their spiky mohawks and stripping away body piercings because of the perceived threat to Islamic values.” 

– LA Times


beer of the day

the white house honey ale

not even joking. the white house brews its own beer with the honey they get from the hives at the white house. there is a honey ale and a honey porter. president obama serves it at his beer summits in the rose garden, most notably with recent medal of honor recipient, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer. the obamas paid for the brewing equipment out of pocket too.

obama = beer nerd

december playlist

the original impression is that penguin prison is another hipster dj reminiscing about the ’80s, but apparently he’s a staple at occupy wall street entertaining the masses. he even filmed a music video down there.

the title of the song makes a lot more sense now

“don’t fuck with my money”

styles to consider: captial sunglasses

wood sunglasses for the pseudo- environmentalist in all of us

capital sunglasses

ugly renaissance babies

its a real website

speed walkers unite

“The University of Pittsburgh researchers looked at data from nine studies involving nearly 35,000 seniors and found that only 19 percent of the slowest walking 75-year-old men lived for 10 more years compared to 87 percent of the fastest walking ones. Only 35 percent of the slowest walking 75-year-old women made it to their 85th birthday compared to 91 percent of the fastest walkers.”


artists to consider: the avalanches

while at American University in DC i took a music class with an awesome professor. in the class he covered experimental music and used the avalanches as his example. essentially two producers went around to walmarts or discount super stores and bought cds out of the bargain bins and then mashed them together. what resulted is actually incredible.

also, strangest music video ever.

“frontier psychiatrist”

december playlist

new a-trak out december 13th on fools gold records 

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