beer nerd of the day

senator charles “chuck” schumer

the new york senator really loves beer and wants everyone in new york to “sell, drink, and love new york beer” so he started an “i love ny beer” campaign. he even bet with senator shaheen of new hampshire during the super bowl about it:

“here’s how the bet went: with a Patriots win, schumer would have bought beer from new hampshire’s smuttynose brewery to give to fellow Senators. but if the Giants won—and they did—shaheen would buy beer from brooklyn brewery, blue point brewing company, saranac matt brewing company, captain lawrence brewing company, ithaca beer company, and brown’s brewing company.” -(via the gothamist)

after the win sunday, schumer tweeted: “Looking forward to every Senator getting a taste of NY’s finest craft brew. Thanks @SenatorShaheen! #SuperBowl #ILoveNYBrew”





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