10 things every guy/girl should know about bourbon

“my good old friend whiskey keep me warmer than sunshine”

a good bourbon is much appreciated. complex wrote the “10 things every guy should know about bourbon.” highlights include:

#2. “By law, bourbon has to be made in the United States. Corn has to be the majority grain, meaning the mash bill must show at least 51% corn… The next thing is, you have to use a brand new barrel every time you age bourbon. By law, you cannot add any colors or flavors… to be legally called straight bourbon, the liquor must be aged for at least two years. If it’s Kentucky straight bourbon, the aging must take place in the state of Kentucky.

#3. 95% of the worlds bourbon is distilled in kentucky

#7. “My dad did a drink he called Kentucky Tea, where he cut the bourbon three-to-one with water. One part bourbon, three parts water. He’d drink that with dinner. A reporter once asked him why he drank Kentucky Tea and my father—he had an answer for everything—said, ‘Why would I flavor my water with tea leaves when I can use bourbon?”

(via complex)


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