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“the american beer revival”

2 minute quick history of the past 100 years of beer nerdiness



march playlist

“record collection 2012 (perseus remix)” by mark ronson and the business international  this song oozes cool. its like a slap of “hunky-dory” to the face. described by soundcloud as the barbadian national anthem. is it possible to fall in love with a song? (download)

styles to consider

linda farrow x jeremy scott “map” sunglasses, $288

you can actually wear the free world on your face. buy here on assembly nyc

successful alcoholics

“successful alcoholics” by jordan vogt-roberts

a 2010 short starring TJ MIller, Lizzy Caplan, Nick Kroll,  and Tony Hale to name a few. the beginning is  hilarious, but its also surprisingly touching. its been to over 30 festivals including sundance and sxsw and even won the best comedic short at LES film festival this year

(via the worlds best ever)

the best documentary ever?

well.. maybe not but this was actually my favorite movie sophomore year of high school. the 1991 documentary about the red hot chili peppers recording blood sugar sex magik (still one of the best records ever i’m convinced).

funky monks:

march playlist

“no reason” VEGA  neon indian is a pretty awesome band aka its someone named alan palomo who makes unbelievable music. this song is incredibly epic. he goes by alternate names like “ghosthustler” and VEGA. in fact he either played a show or released some new music by the name VEGA for SXSW. download this awesome song “no reason” (FREE!) here or watch this awesome skate video set to the song below:

“ICBYS” zambri i’ve been a little in love with the crazy experimental pop/ weird indie bands from brooklyn playing at SXSW the past week. zambri from willamsburg, brooklyn are supposedly sort of hyped in the underground world before going to austin the past week.  they also sang the vocals one of my more recent favorite songs “true loves” by hooray for earth


“My earliest online-chat experiences were in elementary school, in the O.K. Corrals that were AOL’s chat rooms. I’d sit at my keyboard or look over a friend’s shoulder while we made stupid jokes in the Kid’s Zone or whatever it was called, trying to convince “girls” (i.e., men in windowless vans) to join us in a private IM chat session.”

article on the daily beast

frat house

an unreleased HBO documentary by todd phillips (who was director of old school and the hangover)

(via the worlds best ever)

march playlist

“the wave” miike snow  most important is new miike snow and the follow up video to “paddling out”!


“drop me a line (holy ghost! remix)” midnight magic holy ghost! is incredible. an all time favorite. apparently they “own more vintage synths than you ever knew existed.” nyc indie darlings remixing other nyc indie darlings…this is the free download!

“when the night falls” chromeo

words of wisdom

from a bar in shanghai (via EryRae)

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