may playlist

dive “how long have you known?”


real estate “i’m real”


two door cinema club “cigarettes in the theater”

live acoustic:


sunday funday

happy mothers day! i don’t mean to brag, but my mom is the most stellar of them all and i’m not kidding. my mom is incredibly fantastic and i love her so much.

on that note i turn to VICE for some words of wisdom about my friends parents:

“still feel about party moms the way I felt as a fourth-grader about teenagers who smoked cigarettes in their cars on the way to school.”

happy mothers day via VICE 

FOOD! all i want is a hamburger. i gave up red meat and bread, but its been a solid 3 weeks so i might give in for one day. relapse?

dumont burger in williamsburg, brooklyn

whats your sunday funday like? are you sleeping or making eggs at noon? either way you need a playlist. i’ve got you covered mrow mrow. it’ll be the most random and awesome playlist ever:

crystal castles “courtship dating”

gotye “bronte” need to fall asleep/feel like crying? this song is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever heard.

and now that you’re thoroughly depressed listen to some of my favorite songs that have already been posted for an awesome sunday afternoon. live long and prosper.

and my actual favorite song:


movies to consider

winner of grand prize at sundance

“faced with her father’s fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in search of her mother.”

“the walkmen have a million kids”

a interview with one of my favorite bands, the walkmen. they’re from DC (they went to st. albans and wrote a song called tenleytown), but are now NYC based and used to have their studio on 133rd.


I don’t even associate The Walkmen to a walkman anymore.
Yeah, it’s not so bad once you get over it but the first time you hear it, you’re like “who are these chumps?”

If you could redo it, what would you have named yourselves?
You know, we were gonna call ourselves The Murderers but that already existed. Somehow, we didn’t think of The Killers, which is an awesome band name for a terrible band. If we had named ourselves The Killers, it would have been pretty badass.”

via noisey

communist china, 1959



“you know those tourists on those red double decker buses? the ones with the camcorders out who appear to be filming everything as it passes by? have you ever wondered what they’re going to do with those hours of mostly really boring footage? in february, pierre ballenegger took a trip to the Big Apple and captured what looks like it must have been a ton of footage of the city — from buses, while walking, on the Roosevelt Island gondola. it turns out with a little patience, music, and creative editing, you can actually get a pretty neat little glimpse of the city.” -via animal nyc

may playlist

lemaitre “excuse me” don’t do anything else today until you listen to this. “excuse me princess, excuse me princess, i ain’t got time to save you again!”

two door cinema club “undercover martyn” i’ve listened to this song 100 times in 3 days. its one of my top 3  favorites on my may playlist right now.

kimbra “settle down” she’s so cool.

family of the year “st. croix” its a slap of good vibes and happiness to the face

bear in heaven “sinful nature”  the word epic is overused in conversation today, however i can’t find any other word to describe this song.

beer of the day

double platinum IPA starr hill brewery: charlottesville, VA

starr hill brewery is a personal favorite. they have a small, beautiful brewery just outside of charlottesville with a free tasting.

vice guide to north korea

Shane Smith of VICE in North Korea

lately, i’ve become obsessed with knowing everything that VICE has to teach me. in the span of 2 weeks i think i tried to watch every single one of the “VICE’s Guide to(insert blank)”. probably one of their best known and most interesting is when co-founder and executive producer, shane smith, snuck into north korean. super interesting if you’re into that sort of thing:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

may playlist

miike snow “cult logic” went to see miike snow play at terminal 5 on april 24 with penguin prison opening. it was stellar getting to see penguin prison again (they were just as good as last time) but miike snow was pretty great. “cult logic” was the best song of the night.

blood orange “champagne coast” 2 minutes in this song is incredible. blood orange is the side project of dev hynes and hes a pretty cool guy in the brooklyn music scene right now.

cut copy “pharaohs and pyramids”

daft punk “face to face”

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