“the walkmen have a million kids”

a interview with one of my favorite bands, the walkmen. they’re from DC (they went to st. albans and wrote a song called tenleytown), but are now NYC based and used to have their studio on 133rd.


I don’t even associate The Walkmen to a walkman anymore.
Yeah, it’s not so bad once you get over it but the first time you hear it, you’re like “who are these chumps?”

If you could redo it, what would you have named yourselves?
You know, we were gonna call ourselves The Murderers but that already existed. Somehow, we didn’t think of The Killers, which is an awesome band name for a terrible band. If we had named ourselves The Killers, it would have been pretty badass.”

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vice guide to north korea

Shane Smith of VICE in North Korea

lately, i’ve become obsessed with knowing everything that VICE has to teach me. in the span of 2 weeks i think i tried to watch every single one of the “VICE’s Guide to(insert blank)”. probably one of their best known and most interesting is when co-founder and executive producer, shane smith, snuck into north korean. super interesting if you’re into that sort of thing:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

“how to change cheap clear hooch from terrible to tolerable”

still in college/poor in queens, brooklyn, or south bronx? just buy cheap vodka and activated carbon

“activated (or active) carbon is the sixth element, carbon, that’s been processed to be extra porous. all of those microscopic holes mean it soaks up toxins and impurities. this is why it’s found in all kinds of liquid filters—including those pro distilleries employ to make their high-end booze.”

vodka alchemy on gizmodo

“what comes after hipster?”

professors, authors, and journalists weigh in on the pressing issue of “what comes after hipster?” on flavorwire

einstein’s letter to president roosevelt about hydrogen bomb


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hand painted type

Hand painted type by Indian street painters.

“HandpaintedType is a project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India. The project involves documenting the typefaces of road side painters across India and digitizing it so that it serves as a resource for present and future generations.” -(via handpainted type)

10 things every guy/girl should know about bourbon

“my good old friend whiskey keep me warmer than sunshine”

a good bourbon is much appreciated. complex wrote the “10 things every guy should know about bourbon.” highlights include:

#2. “By law, bourbon has to be made in the United States. Corn has to be the majority grain, meaning the mash bill must show at least 51% corn… The next thing is, you have to use a brand new barrel every time you age bourbon. By law, you cannot add any colors or flavors… to be legally called straight bourbon, the liquor must be aged for at least two years. If it’s Kentucky straight bourbon, the aging must take place in the state of Kentucky.

#3. 95% of the worlds bourbon is distilled in kentucky

#7. “My dad did a drink he called Kentucky Tea, where he cut the bourbon three-to-one with water. One part bourbon, three parts water. He’d drink that with dinner. A reporter once asked him why he drank Kentucky Tea and my father—he had an answer for everything—said, ‘Why would I flavor my water with tea leaves when I can use bourbon?”

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top 5 regrets of the dying

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier

(via the guardian)

indonesian punks

“Police in Indonesia’s most conservative province raided a punk-rock concert and detained 65 fans, buzzing off their spiky mohawks and stripping away body piercings because of the perceived threat to Islamic values.” 

– LA Times


speed walkers unite

“The University of Pittsburgh researchers looked at data from nine studies involving nearly 35,000 seniors and found that only 19 percent of the slowest walking 75-year-old men lived for 10 more years compared to 87 percent of the fastest walking ones. Only 35 percent of the slowest walking 75-year-old women made it to their 85th birthday compared to 91 percent of the fastest walkers.”

from boston.com

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