sunday funday

happy mothers day! i don’t mean to brag, but my mom is the most stellar of them all and i’m not kidding. my mom is incredibly fantastic and i love her so much.

on that note i turn to VICE for some words of wisdom about my friends parents:

“still feel about party moms the way I felt as a fourth-grader about teenagers who smoked cigarettes in their cars on the way to school.”

happy mothers day via VICE 

FOOD! all i want is a hamburger. i gave up red meat and bread, but its been a solid 3 weeks so i might give in for one day. relapse?

dumont burger in williamsburg, brooklyn

whats your sunday funday like? are you sleeping or making eggs at noon? either way you need a playlist. i’ve got you covered mrow mrow. it’ll be the most random and awesome playlist ever:

crystal castles “courtship dating”

gotye “bronte” need to fall asleep/feel like crying? this song is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever heard.

and now that you’re thoroughly depressed listen to some of my favorite songs that have already been posted for an awesome sunday afternoon. live long and prosper.

and my actual favorite song:



beer of the day

double platinum IPA starr hill brewery: charlottesville, VA

starr hill brewery is a personal favorite. they have a small, beautiful brewery just outside of charlottesville with a free tasting.

beer of the day

resin IPA by sixpoint brewery brooklyn, new york

“We zeroed in on the botanical structure of the hop cone to get to the essence of this beer. When hops are at their peak maturity, their cores swell up with a sticky, golden, resinous substance that is the flavor you crave from an IPA. WIth an IBU of 103 and ABV of 9.1%, Resin can be loosely described as a double IPA — but rarely do Sixpoint beers adhere to any strict style demands.” –sixpoint brewery

beer nerd video of the day

“the american beer revival”

2 minute quick history of the past 100 years of beer nerdiness


beer of the day

bourbon barrel aged bronx pale ale

bronx brewery

(rumor has it that they are going to brew an IPA and call it pelham bay IPA)

beer nerd of the day

senator charles “chuck” schumer

the new york senator really loves beer and wants everyone in new york to “sell, drink, and love new york beer” so he started an “i love ny beer” campaign. he even bet with senator shaheen of new hampshire during the super bowl about it:

“here’s how the bet went: with a Patriots win, schumer would have bought beer from new hampshire’s smuttynose brewery to give to fellow Senators. but if the Giants won—and they did—shaheen would buy beer from brooklyn brewery, blue point brewing company, saranac matt brewing company, captain lawrence brewing company, ithaca beer company, and brown’s brewing company.” -(via the gothamist)

after the win sunday, schumer tweeted: “Looking forward to every Senator getting a taste of NY’s finest craft brew. Thanks @SenatorShaheen! #SuperBowl #ILoveNYBrew”




beer (and waffle) of the day

Bring me…


beer of the day

crieux, allagash brewery

its bourbon barrel aged trippel! that means its a beer brewed in Jim Bean whiskey casks… yes, please, and thank you.

beer of the day

the white house honey ale

not even joking. the white house brews its own beer with the honey they get from the hives at the white house. there is a honey ale and a honey porter. president obama serves it at his beer summits in the rose garden, most notably with recent medal of honor recipient, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer. the obamas paid for the brewing equipment out of pocket too.

obama = beer nerd

beer of the day

not only is this one my favorite beers, but four in hand has my favorite packaging. a good IPA is the way to my heart, but it doesn’t hurt if it comes with a cool label too.

four in hand IPA

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