communist china, 1959

beautiful pictures of china in 1959 by henri cartier-bresson


i wish i had seen these before valentines day…

words of wisdom

from a bar in shanghai (via EryRae)

mrow mrow monday

sometimes i’m baffled by what you can find on the internet these days. there is a tumblr dedicated to this cat wearing clothes. terrifying!

luna the fashion kitty

hand painted type

Hand painted type by Indian street painters.

“HandpaintedType is a project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India. The project involves documenting the typefaces of road side painters across India and digitizing it so that it serves as a resource for present and future generations.” -(via handpainted type)

airport prints

awesome airport prints from nomo for only $26. ordering one tomorrow.

breaking bad valentines

february playlist

the black keys “gold on the ceiling”

jon stewart = dead kennedys fan

“The Daily Show’s future host Jon Stewart (then known as William and Mary student Jon Leibowitz) snapped in the mosh pit at a Dead Kennedys/Front Line show in Richmond, Virginia sometime in the early 1980s.”

(via dangerous minds)



i haven’t forgotten. the past month has been crazy busy. lots of flying back and forth between NYC and DC for the holidays. heres whats been happening:

1. december 30th went to the penguin prison concert in brooklyn. ended with a lana del rey cover. unbelievable: 

2. after the new year went to saint croix. life changing. gorgeous place with amazing people and even more amazing sunsets. 

rainforest parties and epic star filled skies should help convince you to visit this place.

3. on saturday at 6:30 pm while i was walking to walgreens on (busy) fordham road a few blocks from my apartment i answered my phone to talk with my mom. while waiting for the walk signal to change someone ran up and grabbed my phone, tripped into third ave and then started running. well needless to say i chased after them for 6 blocks, bags and all (the NYPD later thought that was hilarious). my iphone was cracked and had glass falling out of it (reason number one i can’t own nice things) and i know better than to walk through the streets of new york on my phone, but just a friendly reminder to be careful no matter where you live!

side note: got to cruise with the NYPD through the Bronx for an hour after. the 48th precinct cops were hilarious and completely awesome. (picture via the gothamist)

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