“My earliest online-chat experiences were in elementary school, in the O.K. Corrals that were AOL’s chat rooms. I’d sit at my keyboard or look over a friend’s shoulder while we made stupid jokes in the Kid’s Zone or whatever it was called, trying to convince “girls” (i.e., men in windowless vans) to join us in a private IM chat session.”

article on the daily beast


mrow mrow monday

sometimes i’m baffled by what you can find on the internet these days. there is a tumblr dedicated to this cat wearing clothes. terrifying!

luna the fashion kitty

ugly renaissance babies

its a real website

artists to consider: the avalanches

while at American University in DC i took a music class with an awesome professor. in the class he covered experimental music and used the avalanches as his example. essentially two producers went around to walmarts or discount super stores and bought cds out of the bargain bins and then mashed them together. what resulted is actually incredible.

also, strangest music video ever.

“frontier psychiatrist”

question mark

apparently the Hanson’s, the one hit (long haired) wonders of the 1990s, are aspiring beer nerds. they announced they are going to put out an IPA next year called… wait for it… MmmHop.

they explain saying, “It’s vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do.”

will crazy hanson fans start drinking IPAs just to be cool now (all they had were tattoos before)…













this both baffles, intrigues and confuses me.

first, i wonder if it will be actually be good

second, i’m curious about the type of market that will be regularly purchasing a beer brewed by Hanson

tres, thats three in spanish

finally… pretty sure basing your company on one beer named after your only hit song is not a very good business strategy.

the full article (more like paragraph)

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